Sara Stroke A Pose with C.A.K.E

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We are certainly not the only ones who recognize Sara’s extreme talent and are attracted to her take on pop art with her collection of pouty lips. C.A.K.E (Contemporary Art Keen Enthusiast), an online art magazine based in London were too seduced by Sara’s creations. In fact, Antoinette, interviewee of C.A.K.E approached our stand at the Battersea Affordable Art Fair in October stating how they were keen (pun intended) to interview the mastermind behind these gorgeous pieces.

How could we or Sara say no?! We had to set it up immediately!

Over a few emails after the fair, we shared information and thoughts. Antoinette explained that they like to carry out a photoshoot where the artist is shot holding/eating cake in order to capture images to go with the article and to create a fun play on the magazine’s name.

Sara’s What’s Poppin’ exhibition was actually next in line to be shown in our Shenfield gallery, we then had the wonderful idea in which we suggested to Antoinette to do the interview there as Sara would be surrounded by her latest originals which would make a great backdrop for the shoot.

As soon as both Sara and Antoinette agreed we began to make everything perfect for the day. As cake was desperately needed for the photoshoot, Soo, owner of Turner Barnes Gallery, bought in many slices of cake with heavenly flavours ranging from lychee to salted caramel. They were to die for!

After the interview between Antoinette and Sara was over, the photoshoot had commenced! Sara was told to pose in front of her bigger and more vibrant lip pieces in order to capture the best shots possible. The shoot became so fun and creative as Sara posed with different flavours of cake, some of the colours even matched or complimented the piece of art she modelled in front of which made for an aesthetically pleasing shot.

The day was splendid. It was amazing to be along side Sara and Antoinette and to witness how much of a success it was for everyone involved. Sara did brilliantly and Antoinette got some amazing shots to use for the magazine.

I was even fortunate enough to capture some of my own pictures to display a behind the scenes effect. It made for the most exciting and different day in the office you could definitely say.

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