TV Eyes

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TV Eyes- signed limited edition silkscreen print with gold leaf, diamond dust and glazes by contemporary artist Dan Baldwin.

Price: £1500

Edition of 100

Silkscreen print



TV Eyes reflects both Baldwin’s concerns as the parent of a young child and the modern domestic environment generally. Figures, symbols, and motifs pertinent to these ideas populate the composition, and as the eyes of a telly addict glaze over and become mesmerised, so TV Eyesmelts into the abstract colour grid of Happy Happy;  after all what is a television screen but millions of tiny pixels of colour? The photographic image of a young boy on the left side of the piece represents the innocence and vulnerability of children as they are exposed to mass culture through the television screen.  Warm domestic and childhood motifs: the loving mother, toys, chicks, childish scribbling, are contrasted with darker imagery: skulls and eye sockets being pecked by those afore-mentioned innocent chicks, as well as scientific motifs- reflecting the beneficial educational power of TV.

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