Tantrum Confession

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TANTRUM CONFESSION signed limited edition silkscreen print with gold and silver leaf, diamond dust, pearl, stain and high-gloss glazes, embossing and glow in the dark ink by British contemporary artist Dan Baldwin. 24 colours.

Price: £1250

An Edition of 100

Silkscreen print



‘My paintings from 2011 were heading to an almost textural, ethereal, abstract place. This work and other pieces in the  series were heavily layered and went to a dreamlike, poetic space with no perspective. The use of pattern and shape and a childlike scribble  is possibly influenced by  my experience of parenthood. The piece is quite complex but really simple as well; it’s aggressive, and really gentle and calm -as thats how I am when I work. My work is directly affected by the music I listen to whilst I paint; like Mozart fighting Motorhead! I called it HURRICANE TANTRUM CONFESSION originally, like a whirlwind of emotion and activity, then changed it to  just TANTRUM CONFESSION: an explosion of activity and calm. As a child I stole £5 to buy five pen-knifes, so I incorporated that into this work with the child’s knife. I was also brought up catholic, so I’ve linked into that. It’s a very thoughtful work and not obviously clear in meaning, quite complex but also really simple- more emotionally based. Interestingly I went on to make two completely abstract colour works after this, and I think you can see the beginnings of that way of thinking here in the coloured squares.’

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