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‘Future’ is a gorgeous original collage & painted piece of art by contemporary pop artist Simon Kirk.

“A piece from my main body of work, that combines painting, collage and decollage (ripping, tearing or sanding away at built up surfaces to reveal layers below).

In these works the text and image combine to create a self contained scenario with its own reality, and the viewer is invited to inhabit it. There is no undue wordiness; the inherent simplicity of the cut up leaves a lot of room for the viewer to find their own meaning. I’m a big fan of haiku, the finding of profound meaning in modest things and the gentle playfulness that helps us view everyday life with fresh eyes.

I like to use this device a lot. The cut ups often follow a path of taking the wonder of these small things and subverting them into something manic and fierce or poetic and evocative. The characters within the scenarios I create are challenged with weird and impossible predicaments, and the viewer is asked to join them in confronting the strangeness.” – Simon Kirk