Heavy Heaven

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‘Heavy Heaven’ is a stunning original piece of mixed media art by the vocalist of The Prodigy & Artist, Maxim, also known as MM.

This piece uses acrylic paint, spray paint, mixed media and resin, on wood and is signed by the artist.

‘Heavy Heaven’ sees the butterfly motif assume a unique and evocative significance. Butterflies have already been incorporated into the work of some of the most celebrated artists of all time, including Salvador Dali and Damien Hirst. MM, however, takes their traditional symbol of life/death and throws a more sinister idea onto his canvases, deceiving the viewer with a picture of these delicate beauties which, on closer inspection, seem almost threatening.

“The butterfly pictures came about because I saw a moth in my music studio. I caught it and threw it out of the window (I don’t like killing things) and it suddenly dawned on me I had no idea what the insect was thinking. When you touch a butterfly in your hand, is that butterfly thinking “Get the f*** off me” or “If I had a knife I’d cut your finger off”. Some people don’t find them beautiful. They look at their insect bodies and they find them grotesque. In the paintings I give them samurai swords and that kind of thing so they can express themselves.” – Maxim