Tree of Lives

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‘Tree of Lives’ is an incredible sculpture by contemporary illustrator and artist Karen Jones.

This exquisite original piece of art is hand made using fine line work, paper, wire, gouache and acrylic & comes in a glass dome.

‘The Tree of Life’  motif has been used throughout history in philosophy and religion, alluding to the interconnection of everything on our planet.

Karen Jones celebrates this idea by creating a world of islands on one tree. Echoing festivals and events where participants are asked to write a wish or thought on a label and hang on a tree, Karen has asked the same of her viewers – and their thoughts are attached to her trees. With every label that is added the artwork is reinvented. Though the ideas and emotions written on these labels may be completely disparate, there is an interconnection, it’s our humanity, faults and all.

What started off as an exercise in creating a three dimensional drawing has become something of an obsession for Karen Jones. Influenced by the stylised images of artists such as Fornasetti, Gustave Dore and Eric Ravilious, these new artworks for 2016 rely on an extremely limited colour palette, where possible, line becomes the colour.

Karen Jones creates fragile natural worlds where trees, birds and the air in between seem in perfect harmony. Her sculptures give more than a nod to the macabre taxidermy and glass domed creations so loved by the Victorians – and this genre has been used to create new worlds without being too literal.
“My artworks are ‘drawings’ and do not pretend to be anything else.” – Karen Jones