Study 1 Anemones No.4

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‘Study 1 Anemones No.4’ is a bold Limited Edition Silkscreen print from artist Gayle Storey.

This piece of screen print art is from Gayle Storey’s Anemones series.

Gayle Storey produced her Anemones Series of Silk Screen Prints whilst on the AA2A Artist in Residency at the University of Bedfordshire.

All of the images used in her art are derived from organic structures taken from the artist’s own garden. Using vibrant colour combinations, Gayle Storey’s prints are visually engaging and powerful.
The methodology of Gayle Storey’s working is to create new colour combinations, through the intentional overlapping and misalignment of colours, over-laid onto the surface of the print, giving depth to her prints.
Gayle Storey uses the screen printing process like a camera; turning an object into a negative screen then back into a positive print.  Once the image is captured onto the Silk Screen a printed picture is created through layering different screens on top of the previous colours, creating unique new pigments, new patterns and shapes upon the surface.

This print is signed and numbered by the artist & is from an edition of 6.