Dome 2

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‘Dome 2’ is a gorgeous Limited Edition Print from contemporary artist Gareth Hayward.

Price: £275

Limited edition of 25

C – Type print

Gareth Hayward initially worked with acrylic on canvas and has now embraced technology to use a combination of his own photography, historical reference and hand drawn elements to create a range of limited edition prints and large format pieces of artwork.

“I do not wish to follow a conventional thought process, which is why my work can change and evolve quickly, from a contemporary interpretation of an 18th century hunting scene to a haunting image of a pheasant suspended in a glass dome.”- Gareth Hayward

Gareth Hayward’s work is quite simply a depiction of thoughts, feelings or influences important to him at that particular moment in time, from New York skyscrapers to natural history.

Signed & numbered by the artist.