Marilyn Monroe – Gold

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‘Marilyn Monroe – Gold’ is a striking original piece from contemporary and celebrity inspired artist Dan Pearce.

This stunning piece reflects the urban style that Dan Pearce has made a name for himself with.

Dan Pearce’s use of resins, glass, sprays and inks on an aluminium base are set off beautifully in this funky take on one of the true style icons of our time, Marilyn Monroe.

This piece takes on the beautiful and iconic actress and model Marilyn Monroe in a unique and contemporary style with additional collaged elements of photographs of Marilyn Monroe with a golden and purple back drop.

A truly unique piece, hard to appreciate when not seen up close where the textures add to the overall appeal to this Marilyn Monroe masterpiece.

Dan Pearce was featured in London’s Shortlist magazine as one of the UK’s most collectable emerging artists.

This mixed media piece uses spray paint and ink onto a resin Aluminium sheet and is signed by the artist.
Dan Pearce takes inspiration from street and pop art and juxtaposes it with fine art making for a bold and confident style that takes on and transforms iconic portraits.

This particular piece takes on an image of American model, actress and heart throb Marilyn Monroe.