Yellow Brick Road

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‘Yellow Brick Road’ is a gorgeous Limited Edition Print by pop Artist, Brad Faine.

Price: £1250

Limited edition of 50

Hand applied silkscreen satin protection varnish and an Ultra Violet gloss varnish on the screen printed Oscar

Signed & numbered by the artist

The cowardly Lion, the Tin man, the Straw man and Dorothy may all be construed as metaphors for some aspects of the artistic personality. The Yellow Brick Road may be said similarly, to lead some to an Oscar and the pinnacle of cinematic endeavour that it represents.  This print comprises two inter-weaving spirals made up of stills from the movies that have won for their stars best actor and actress awards.  The line drawn Oscar is made up of yellow bricks and the numbers on each frame relate to the year the trophy was presented. The images include all the films since the inception of the awards in 1929 until 2013.  However some may think that Dorothy Parker blurred the gender distinctions when she wrote “Scratch an actor and you find an actress”.