Yangon Flats

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‘Yangon Flats’ is a gorgeous Limited Edition C-Type Photographic Print by contemporary artist & photographer Barry Cawston.

This amazing piece of art is an acrylic faced, Aluminium mounted Limited Edition Print and comes from a edition of 12.

This Photograph is from Barry Cawston’s ‘Tenements – Scenes From A Concrete Jungle’ Series.

These images straddle the boundary between abstract and documentary.  They drift from an examination of the relationship between colour and structure to reveal details of individuals’ lives in a setting of mass communal living.  This long term project will find its fruition in an exhibition which juxtaposes colours and countries in an urban, claustrophobic space which has yet to be found!

Much of Barry Cawston’s photography has both Sociological and Architectural elements and his fine art photography has been recognised by the Exeter Contemporary Open, which he won in 2007, and the Chairman’s Choice Award at the RWA Photographic Open 2008 and the South West Art Prize 2010.

‘Yangon Flats’ is signed & numbered by the artist and comes from an edition of 25.