In the Blink of An Eye

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‘In the Blink of An Eye’ is a striking original painting from contemporary artist Adam Green.


Acrylic painting on canvas



“Painting is something that rules my everyday existence. An inescapably compulsive urge to work results in the marrying of the mundane and the domestic with dreams and images of the unattainable and the beautiful. Meditative detail-work lies on layers of thrown and trickled paint – a first chaos which is drawn into a cohesion by time-eked care and precision, hopefully resulting in a faint hum of both tension and mutual harmony between the two.

The overall result is a minutely hand-crafted pop art infused with a mysticism that works across planes, layers and unexpected depths and axes. Often, the familiar and the domestic verge on becoming objects of unknown power and meaning, with work that revels in processes and thrives on unthinking at itself and its audience”. – Adam Green