Autumn Skies

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A Solo Show of landscapes and light by abstract artist
H E N R I E T T A   S T U A R T

A world observed and translated

Dates:   2 November – 25 November 2017

Venue:  Turner Barnes Gallery

Shenfield Gallery Space

21 Hutton Road | Shenfield | Essex | CM15 8JU


Dates:   30 November – 23  December 2017

Venue:  Turner Barnes Gallery

Chelmsford Gallery Space

Old Barns 7 c&d | Boyton Hall Farm | Roxwell | Chelmsford | Essex | CM1 4LN


Henrietta Stuart paints “mainly light.”  She uses oil on canvas to express her interest in colour, light, form and composition. Her work is often described as Turner-esque as a result of her technique: painting in thin layers, laying paint over paint to exploit its transparency, a technique of which Turner was a master.

In the words of Georgio Morandi, one of Henrietta’s formative influences, “there is nothing more abstract than the visible world.” Henrietta creates abstract compositions out of things she has seen, and been moved by, using colour and light to evoke a time and a place.  Some years ago, Henrietta described it as: “A world observed and translated – a world created from the natural and the man-made: ‘still life’ a still life both drawn and felt, as one would admire and caress a well-loved jug, or wonder at the light on the water of the Thames on a calm spring morning” a view that she says still holds true.

Over the years, Henrietta’s paintings have developed from abstracts based on still-life to compositions woven from images taken from the natural world. Her inspiration is always derived from places and images that she has seen. The compositions are worked up from extensive drawing, both of the landscape and of still life groups set up in the studio. The finished pieces range from almost totally abstract compositions evoking a sense of place to more easily recognisable landscape images: natural world modulated by time and season, disclosed by visual texture and colour.

Colour and light play the most important parts in Henrietta’s work: colour is used to evoke emotion, giving a sense of time and place; light is used to create space, to mask and hide objects, creating a sense of mystery.


Henrietta’s extensive travels have influenced her work – the landscapes and different colours and lights of southern India, Sri Lanka, Australia, France, Greek Islands, her return to Britain; seas, mountains, fishing villages, inland water-ways, vibrant markets, garrigues, coast-lines, ports.



E X H I B I T I O N   I N F O R M A T I O N

V e n u e:   T U R N E R  |  B A R N E S  |  G A L L E R Y

2 1   H u t t o n   R o a d,  S h e n f i e l d,  C M 1 5  8 J U

D a t e s:    2   N o v e m b e r  –  2 3  N o v e m b e r  2 0 1 7

T i m e s:    T u e s d a y  –  F r i d a y  |  1 0 a m  –  2 p m

S a t u r d a y  |  10am – 5pm

Viewing by appointment available outside these times


V e n u e:   T U R N E R  |  B A R N E S  |  G A L L E R Y

O l d  B a r n s  7  c & d,  B o y to n  H a l l   F a r m,   R o x w e l l,  C M 1  4 L N

D a t e s:    3 0   N o v e m b e r  –  2 1  N o v e m b e r  2 0 1 7

T i m e s:    T u e s d a y  –  F r i d a y  |  1 0 a m  –  5 p m         S a t u r d a y  | Viewing by appointment available

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