Announcing our new artist David Shillinglaw

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We here at Turner Barnes Gallery are excited to announce our new artist David Shillinglaw.

David Shillinglaw is a street artist and muralist whose works explore human nature and the way we think.

David works in a variety of media which guide the outcome of his artworks and constantly change, from pen and ink on paper to spray paint on concrete walls.

David Shillinglaw has a variety of influences and sources of inspiration, by artists, movements, articles in newspapers, videos on the internet, and popular culture such as road signs and comic books that everyone can access,

David Shillinglaw’s artworks tell stories through his words and symbols.m He states: “Art is a visual language which we can communicate.”

Music has a profound influence on his works: “I think music and visual art are two planets evolving around the same sun.”

Check out David Shillinglaw’s works on our website and stay tuned for more exciting projects.