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‘Salvation’ is an original charcoal drawing by figurative artist, Sarah Scotchman.

This original piece of art was created using charcoal & pigments on board, creating a dreamy galaxy like effect for the figure to rest in.

To produce a new piece of art Sarah Scotchman starts with either an idea for a pose or a vision of the final image & works with her husband, professional photographer Chris van Sadler (aka El Diablo Blanco, fine art photographer and winner of the Photographer’s Eye award 2013) in their studio to capture this initial impression.

From studying these photographs, Sarah Scotchman produces original pieces of art in her chosen medium, usually in pencil, charcoal or acrylic paint.

Her original Fine Art pieces then form the basis for the image which is later screened onto her various metal leaf backgrounds. Every print in the Metal Leaf Collection has been gilded & hand finished, making each variable limited edition print unique. See the Limited Edition Prints on Metal Leaf here.

Sarah Scotchman loves to experiment with new background ideas and printing finishes, taking a realist fine art idea to a whole new level. Although the medium used creates a strong image the softness of the female form can still be experienced in her work.

This piece is framed in a grey lacquer frame and is signed by the artist.