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‘Decadence (Dark Red)’ is a seductive limited edition print of 25 by contemporary artist, Sara Pope.


Limited Edition of 25

This stunning piece uses an Archival Inkjet with a Gold Glitter Overlay on Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm Paper.

All Sara’s paintings from this series start with a photographic shoot, a model and some make up. Sara is completely in control of each creative aspect, from the makeup, to the lighting and finally taking the photographs. Exploring the ideas of communication, she asks the model, to think of emotions, love, happiness or flirtation, which she captures photographically. Using the photos as a starting point she paints each piece by layering several thin layers of oil paint. A translucent, glass like quality results, achieving a, ‘polished’ version of reality. Sara is also known for her portraits, most notably having a portrait of the Pope accepted into the Vatican collection. Sara works in series’ or ‘collections’, painting a body of work with common stylistic elements and colour palette, as with seasonal collections in fashion.