To the Lighthouse, Ile de Re

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‘To the Lighthouse, Ile de Re’ is a striking Limited Edition Silkscreen Print by contemporary artist Lucy Farley

Price: £690

Limited edition of 100

This energetic piece of art is an artists proof which is signed & numbered by the artist.

‘To the Lighthouse, Ile de Ré’ showcases Lucy Farley’s fresh and dynamic take on nature, landscape and the spirit of place. Romantic and windswept, Lucy Farley’s sweeping lines and washes of colour draw the viewer into this coastal scene of lighthouse, boats, ominous sky and swelling water. She combines a tremendous sense of atmosphere with a modernity and minimalism that reflects her personal connection with the landscape. The title of this piece reminds us of the novel of the same name by Virginia Woolf, and indeed the flow of line and colour is reminiscent of Woolf’s stream-of-consciousness style of writing.

“This screenprint was made in exactly the same way my sketchbook pages are built up; drawing and painting outside and observing the subject throughout the day- watching the light change. I aim to capture the drama and force of these changeable elements at sea. Sheets of large drafting film were placed directly on the sand in front of me as I captured  with crayons and washes, layer by layer ,the tide coming in and surrounding the lighthouse. I have a strong connection with the West Coast of France where my parents live on an Island and I have been brought up on boats my whole life sailing with them. Many hours have been spent walking around the Island with my sketchbooks in winter and summer. It is important  that spontaneous sketches,on the spot, merge into the large finished works and embody that spirit and liveliness.” – Lucy Farley