Lord Mayor’s Show 800 Years 1215-2015

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‘Lord Mayor’s Show 800 Years 1215-2015’ is a stunning Silkscreen Print with glazes by Sir Peter Blake.

Price: £550

Limited edition of 800 (One for every year of the Lord Mayor’s show. Each will be individually numbered 1215-2015/800)

Created to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Lord Mayor’s Show in 2015, Peter Blake follows great artists of the past Canaletto and Hogarth in taking inspiration from this unique event. Blake set himself the daunting task of depicting every century of the parade in one image, the result is a continuous procession down the paper, and down the years, that captures the splendour, chaos, pomp and ribaldry of the Lord Mayor’s Show. From knights in armour to acrobats and inflatable pigs, the spirit of the City of London leaps from the paper.

The work is constructed using the collage technique favoured by Blake throughout his career, combining this traditional method with digital technology. He has sourced imagery from art, historical archives, periodicals, newspapers, satirical cartoons, photographs, social media and more, harnessing these elements together to tell the story of 800 years of London’s history,

Most things I do are full of stories, and this most particularly-there are all kinds of things going on. In the narrative of the parade things emerge, there are particular characters who are up to various antics. You find stories for yourself. I wanted to create a mix of the seriousness of it, but also the fun.‘ SIR PETER BLAKE