Antares & Love X

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‘Antares & Love X’ is a brilliant Limited Edition Print by contemporary artist Joe Webb.

Price: £255

Digital print with silkscreen glazes in matt and high gloss UV

Limited edition of 75

‘Antares & Love X’ is the latest in this series of collage-based prints from Joe Webb. Webb’s collage-based images are sparing in their composition; using only two or three elements. The images Webb uses tend to be sourced from vintage magazines and advertising. The Antares & Love series shows glamourous golden-age-of-Hollywood-type women in amorous poses with male figures suggested only in silhouette. Webb creates a vacant space where the romantic hero should be; using collage technique to define that empty space by pattern or texture-in this case a starry night sky. The series drips with old-fashioned romance, but also poses some interesting questions: are these men merely daydream fantasies? Is the artist suggesting that men are simply ciphers to female beauty? Is the absent lover in fact suggestive of the hopelessness incompatibility of male and female outlook? Or is the ‘dream lover’ a remembrance of someone loved and lost?



Signed and numbered by the artist

Framing options and quotes are available