Chill II

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Chill II

An original painting on canvas by urban artist David Morico.

This piece of art has been built up using layers of acrylic and silkscreen.

This series, “A Lost Era”, is based on the era of the 1950’s – 80’s. David Morico has always been intrigued by this time period where products were built to last. Materials of steel, wood and wires, “buy once”, to last a life time.  Advertising was a big part of this era, people believed what they saw in magazines. If it was published it had to be good. David Morico try to focus on items that captured people’s attention.

“Most of the paintings, consist of positive energy where I create non-representational images of “Glimpses”. The viewer sees images or senses a certain familiar feeling that they can relate to. Once that connection is made, I, the artist have made my accomplishment.” – David Morico