Mark Beattie

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The artist and sculptor Mark Beattie works with an intriguing concept. He mostly explores the circle and globe, sometimes using flashes of neon.

Mark uses copper, weathered, polished or painted, he then twists the material into elegant forms that are captivating.

Mark Beattie’s work is mainly inspired by his travels. He draws on the experiences of different countries and cultures.  And the feelings he gets of displacement and separation that comes with travelling.

Mark Beattie has continued to study different metals since he graduated from the European Arts Practice MA course at Kingston University. He is always looking at different ways to manipulate and add movement to the material.

Exhibiting in over 20 shows; including locations like Burghley House (Lincolnshire), Great Fosters Hotel (Surrey) and Jean-Luc Baroni Gallery (London).

Over the past 5 years he has had the honour of exhibiting alongside some of the worlds finest artists, including Helaine Blumenfeld, Jonathan Yeo, Tracey Emin and the late Lynn Chadwick.

“Working with various metals in all their contrasting properties of texture and finish. I enjoy the challenge of making the industrious material appear fluid, malleable and delicate.” – Mark Beattie

Mark Beattie won the 2015 Xerxes Sculpture Competition at Serpentine Sackler Gallery.

Since Graduating from his BA in 2010, Mark Beattie has exhibited throughout the UK.