Claire Burke

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Contemporary Abstract Artist

Artist Claire Burke’s work uses traditional gilding techniques which have a meditative quality playing on the light and space. Utilising materials such as gold size, silver leaf, bole and dragons blood the work is made up of many layers which when dry are then ‘distressed’ with a cracking product. As the artist has no control over the final process the effect is both organic and unique.  Claire’s works are an exploration in texture and material, using gold and silver leaf to convey grace and lucidity. The sparsely colour-infused, mysterious and meticulously arranged grids form an aesthetic dialogue that refers to both natural and manmade surfaces. The pieces have been described as ‘elegant’ and ‘beautiful’, yet they still retain a simplicity that belies their careful construction.

These shimmering abstract panels exude a luminous aura that bathes the viewer in a contemplative mood and are critically acclaimed both here and abroad.  Claire Burke works with leading international designers, agents and collectors. The works are exhibited internationally.  Much of Claire’s work has been immediately commissioned for private and corporate collections since leaving college.