Wonder Cabinet

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Wonder Cabinet With 50,000 year old Wolly Mammoth Femur, The Connor Brothers, 2016

  • Year: 2016
  • Medium: A Collection of Curiosities and Wondrous Objects From Natural History and Contemporary Art
  • Description: Signed by Artists
  • Size: 120 x 90 x 22.5 cm
  • Original

The Connor Brothers have resurrected the 16th Century idea of cabinets of curiosity, a tradition that has been lost for centuries. These cabinets, filled with wondrous objects from woolly mammoth bones and human skulls, to antiques and meteorites, are miniature museums, and offer the Collector the opportunity to own a complete collection of wondrous objects that will inspire a sense of awe and curiosity, in anyone who views them.

Contents of the Cabinet

1 – Agate Geode

2 – Dinosaur coprolite (fossilised faeces)

3 – Engraving by The Connor Brothers, Desert Rose, fossilised Amonite

4 – Quartz crystal geode

5 – Selenite Crystal

6 – Geode Slice, Quartz Crystal, Woolly Mammoth tusk

7 – Victorian Hair mourning art, Jurassic oyster, Crinoid holdfast

8 – Spinosaur vertabra

9 – Woolly Mammoth Tooth

10 – Icthyasaur vertebra

11 – Woolly Mammoth femur

12 – Iron-nicked meteorite, fossilised wood, Woolly Mammoth patella

13 – Victorian Brass Weights

14 – 19th Century German Books, Neanderthal arrowhead

15 – Stalactitic Quartz