Where Darkness Falls III

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A Fine Art limited Edition Photograph by Linda Blacker

Prices from £395 Unframed

An edition of 10 signed & numbered by the Artist

The collection is printed to order – available in various sizes

Where Darkness Falls…Light Will Follow

Photographed in Snowdonia, September 2014.

This shoot consists of 5 characters – The Darkness, Hope, Forgiveness, Love and Joy. This is a symbolic and metaphorical series of images which expresses the violence, hatred and pain we see throughout the world. The Darkness represents this, as it pursues to wipe out Love, Joy, Forgiveness and Hope. The Darkness is in purple, Love is red, Forgiveness is white and blue, Joy is yellow and Hope is gold. The Darkness chases and pushes to breaking point Forgiveness and Joy, and scares and pursues Love far away. It is Hope that defeats The Darkness, symbolising that as long as their is Hope, the human race can carry on and continue to believe that one day, we will be at peace.

” I directed, styled, photographed, edited and organised this series of images. I just had one model and a make up artist with me. I hope you like this series.” Linda Blacker