Megan And The Mystical Memory Blossom

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‘Megan And The Mystical Memory Blossom’ is an eye-catching Limited Edition print by contemporary, urban artist Tom Lewis.

This art print is part of Tom Lewis’ ‘Megan Series’ which are based on the story of his fictional heroine Megan, part-adventurer and part-schoolgirl.

10 years ago, the ideas for the characters came from a mixture of random doodling and a fascination with really weird people. Both of which became obsessions whilst working part time in an Arts and Crafts shop to fund his painting habit. More recently, the characters come from daydreams, mythological investigation and the odd bit of cultural assimilation. The background accompanying each character forms part of the epic story that lives inside Tom’s head. It is constantly evolving, and has the unfortunate ability to make him laugh out loud in public. Just don’t ask him how the Megan story ends as he gets strangely emotional. Bit embarrassing for everyone.

The text used in the neon signs which features in this piece & many of Tom’s works were born out of experimentation at college with graffiti tags and automatic writing. The signs use a mixture of Japanese and Korean ensures the text should be illegible yet familiar.

Tom Lewis, a British graffiti artist, creates layered paintings and art prints, that are a colourful playful and whimsical mix of traditional and digital techniques. Usually starting with a pencil, he uses marker pens, biros, acrylic paint, aerosol cans, airbrushes, varnish, cardboard, digital imagery and his fingers.

Tom Lewis constructs his own world of art work, blending elements of ancient mythology, traditional oriental design and contemporary street art. His style is unique and instantly recognisable.

Tom Lewis’ influences come from all over the place. He had an early obsession with ninjas and manga which informed his work, as well as an admiration for films such as Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away”. He has spent time looking at 19th century Japanese woodblock prints, hand painted wall paper from all different time periods, textured graffiti surfaces, and neon signs.

‘Megan And The Mystical Memory Blossom’ is from a Limited Edition of 25 and is signed and numbered by the artist.