This is the Big City Baby

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This Is The Big City Baby- signed limited edition silkscreen print on paper with gold leaf, diamond dust and glazes by Dan Baldwin.

Price: £1200

Edition of 100

Silkscreen print



This piece was created in collaboration with Allison Mosshart (lead singer of The Kills).

‘Alison Mosshart, lead singer of the band The kills, wrote a piece called ‘THIS IS THE BIG CITY BABY’ when sitting with jack White from the White Stripes, they had been sitting in New York by the wishing well fountain, and the events of that day prompted the written piece. It was then given to a project SFWAM – (Songs For Words and Music) which is a charity based literacy project with Jeff Antebi Waxspolitation records, pairing artists with musicians – Tom Waites, Nick Cave and many more. Alison had been hanging on for several years waiting for the right artist to illustrate her piece, my image was inspired by her writing – the cats and freaks come out at night whilst the city sleeps, as the clock strikes 12am some magic occurs. It’s quite a specific illustrative piece as it was a specific image for a project.’ Dan Baldwin.

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