The Abstract Being

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A Fine Art limited Edition Photograph by Linda Blacker

Prices from £550 Unframed

An edition of 10 signed & numbered by the Artist

The collection is printed to order – available in various sizes

The Abstract Being I, II, III

This photo series tells the story of a magical woman; whose only worry is her appearance. As life goes on, she starts to notice it shows upon her face. Lines begin to appear and her hair turns grey. The woman is nothing but distraught. She runs away from everyone she knows, and hides herself far away from civilisation. It is there that she immerses herself into dark magic, and turns herself into a figure no longer recognisable as human. The woman turned herself into an artwork. An abstract being of shapes and tones. The Abstract being lived out the remainder of her life alone, but she did not care, for art is immortal and so her beauty would never die.