Tainted II

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A Fine Art limited Edition Photograph by Linda Blacker

Prices from £395 Unframed

An edition of 10 signed & numbered by the Artist

The collection is printed to order – available in various sizes

Tainted I, II, III

‘Tainted’ is a series of three images. Each image metaphorically displays ‘Tainted Love’. This series was designed to express Linda’s thoughts on how one can fall in love with a person’s beauty, but that individual can later reveal themselves to be poisonous and ugly within. The roses symbolise how a beautiful flower, when touched, can prick you with its thorns, representing what can happen when you involve yourself with someone who only later reveals their true nature.

The backdrop was built by Linda for the photo shoot, and stood at 2 meters by 3 meters. Linda painted and glued over 40 old books to this backdrop to create the perfect setting for this piece.