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‘Judy’ is a Limited Edition silkscreen print featuring the album artwork from Catherine Wheel’s 1995 single, ‘Judy Staring at the Sun’, by iconic artist Storm Thorgerson.

Price: £450

Limited edition of 150

Silkscreen print

“Judy Staring at the Sun is the full title and is an image designed for a single from the band Catherine Wheel in 1995. The song concerned a friend of theirs who was unfortunately a heroin addict and became removed and slowly more distant. In the lyrics it was noted particularly that she didn’t blink whilst looking at the sun. I was trying to represent the icy world of detachment. Our Judy is surrounded incongruously by ice, she can therefore witness the outside world but is removed and protected from it. She is naked to represent both her vulnerability and her uncaring attitude. She doesn’t mind how she appears to others, shielded as she thinks, by her invisible cloak of heroin (please do not try this exercise at home with a younger sibling, however great your rivalry, thank you).” STORM THORGERSON