Dark Side of The Moon 40th Anniversary

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‘Dark Side of The Moon 40th Anniversary’ is a stunning Limited Edition Silkscreen print with embossing, gold leaf, diamond dust and glazes by iconic artist Storm Thorgerson.

Price: £960

Limited edition of 160

Silkscreen print with embossing, gold leaf, diamond dust & glazes

In March 1973 one of the most successful albums of all time was released: Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon. The artwork for the album became as famous and iconic as the musical content and was designed by Thorgerson who was then part of the graphic art group Hipgnosis.  For the 40th anniversary Thorgerson created a limited edition silkscreen print divided into a 7×7 grid of squares. Forty of these squares are variations of the original Dark Side image – displaying an incredible level of imagination, inventiveness and humour from the artist. The remaining squares are filled with individual letters spelling PINK FLOYD. Some of the images reference other works by the artist; the prism motif painted onto bodies is redolent of Thorgerson’s Back Catalogue works. Several of the images recreate the prism design in homage to great artists including Dali, Miro, Lichtenstein and Picasso.

Please note:

Dark Side 40th was in the final stages of production when Storm Thorgerson died.

The Print was proofed under Thorgerson’s executive control, and he had discussed with Brad Faine of Coriander Studio what glazes and finishes should be applied to the final edition to complete it. The print has been finished exactly as per his wishes, each copy printed with Storm’s signature.

The counter-signing of the print by the directors of StormStudios, Dan Abbott, Peter Curzon and Rupert Truman, confirms its authentication.