Space is the Place

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An Original Collage Painting by David Shillinglaw

Paint and Collage on Canvas

Size: 50x50cm

Price: POA

“I am fascinated with abstraction, and the spectrum of visual representation. I am challenged and excited to find discover ways of describing things that don’t have words for. To conjure an environment, behaviour and a set of conditions. Drawing is at the root of all the work, starting in my sketchbooks and on pieces of paper. The drawings spill out in the studio onto other materials, found or manufactured. These fragments inform each other and create a set of visual phrases, competing for attention until the whole thing ‘hums’. As with a piece of music, the tune is composed with separate instruments, but you hear it as one finished piece. For me, drawing, painting and collage are problem-solving exercises, and I want to share that experience with the viewer. I want to discover something but I don’t want to spell it out; I don’t want to explain the joke; I want you to read between the lines of a poem that has no full stops. I am often overwhelmed by the frenzy of visual information we are exposed to everyday, this abundance of real and virtual material is a catalyst for confusion. My practice attempts to play with and describe the hyperactive flux I feel is a normal part of everyday life.” – David Shillinglaw