Blue Brad

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‘Blue Brad ‘ is a striking Limited Edition Silkscreen Print by British abstract Artist, Sir Terry Frost.

Price: £1,750

Limited edition of 125

This screenprint combines hard-edged collage elements with crayon-like marks, these two effects create a happy contrast to each other. The design is based around a variety of blue hues, in an unusual elongated abstract format. This was one of Sir Terry’s final designs.

Terry Frost took his inspiration from nature; the sun, moon, water, boats and the female form are recurring motifs abstracted into sensuous circles and curves. These shapes are often coloured in dramatic blues, reds, oranges, yellows and blacks. Frost believed that the interplay of colour and shape could realise an event or image more successfully than imitation. He combined strict formal discipline with great expressive freedom and a natural sureness of touch.

This piece of art is a signed and numbered by the artist