Take It Easy

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‘Take It Easy’ is an original piece of mixed media art by figurative artist, Sarah Scotchman.

This new original is being debuted at the Affordable Art in Battersea Park this October and shows Sarah Scotchman progressing her distinctive yet classic style.

‘Take It Easy’ was created using layers of spray paint & stencils, enamel & pigments giving it depth & texture.

These layers have been set on thick watercolour paper with torn edges which has been hand gilded in metal leaf & varnished.

“I’ve loved exploring these materials. There’s something about letting loose and splattering paint about that feels refreshing. I find it even more satisfying when all that chaos is finally brought together by a simple line figure delicately painted on the surface. I guess ultimately this piece reflects the chaos & internal struggle we all feel and go through in our lives. All the while masking it with a collected & calm exterior that we want everyone to see & believe. The ‘perfect’ figure joined to its dark shadow. The dualities of life.” – Sarah Scotchman