Anna Pavlova

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‘Anna Pavlova’ is a beautiful Limited Edition print by contemporary artist Sarah Kayci.

This is a layered piece of art of, originally an oil painting of Anna Pavlova, arguably the most famous Ballet dancers of all time.

Anna Pavlova was one of the first Ballet dancers to travel the world performing & eventually ended up living in the suburbs of North London & laid to rest in a Jewish cemetery nearby to Sarah Kayci in Finchley

Touching on Sarah Kayci’s interests of history she incorporated a Biblical theme with Mary & Joseph with baby Jesus in a Barn. If you look closely you will see a Shepard out on the hills and Cherubs on the rooftop.

Finally to give the picture a modern, contemporary touch, the beautiful Minnie Mouse in her own little ballet dress was added.

This print is signed and numbered by the artist & is from an edition of 50.