Queen of the Lost Souls

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A Fine Art limited Edition Photograph by Linda Blacker

Prices from £395 Unframed

An edition of 10 signed & numbered by the Artist

The collection is printed to order – available in various sizes

Queen of the Night, is a character from the same story as Queen of The Damned. This creature is the weakest of the Vampires in the mortal world. It is also one of Linda’s darkest pieces. She kills her human victims with speed, not strength, and flees the threat of other vampires through morphing into a swarm of Vampire Bats to take flight when situations become dangerous. However she has the darkest power of all the Vampires. The Queen of Lost Souls gets her name by peeling the flesh from her human victims bones, pouring her black blood over their skull – in turn taking control of the victims soul in the afterlife. In death, this Vampire has an army of Lost Souls