Union Flag – Greyscale

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‘Union Flag – Greyscale’ is a signed limited edition silkscreen print with diamond dust by the legendary pop artist Sir Peter Blake.

Peter Blake’s ‘Union Flags’ continue the artist’s love affair with flags (a motif which has recurred in his work since the 1960s) and of course with his country. In recent years Peter Blake has explored patriotism in various works including ‘England Forever’, ‘Hope and Love’, ‘Britannia’ and ’24 Flags’

‘I am very patriotic and I love the Union Flag; the sense of history it gives, the union between four great countries that it represents. Over the years I have used printmaking to explore and experiment with the flag in various ways; making large-scale digital prints from Union Flag badges (sewn or enamel) or illustrations that I have collected. The new works are not based on ‘found’ images of the flag. I wanted to use the variety of hand-applied finishes available when you make a silkscreen, to play with the colours and textures of this simple geometric pattern that is so familiar to us. The prints also celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday.”

-Sir Peter Blake