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‘Casino’ is captivating Limited Edition Print by contemporary textile artist Pam Glew.

This striking piece of art is hand finished by the artists with Pearlescent paint, printed on 330gsm Somerset Velvet 100% Cotton Rag paper.

Pam Glew states that in this piece entitled ‘Casino’ she explores a Call Girl’s adventures to Vegas and accompanies it with this quote; ‘Clients often pay me to travel. Its a break from the Wanderlust. I love to travel with my work. Vegas, always a favourite with my regulars. The bright lights, gambling. It summons the night owls from all parts of this crazy messed up world. What ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Punters come here to live, to gamble, some to die, Go out with one last bang’ – The Call Girl.
‘Casino’ has hand painted Pearlescent paint added to it to add a subtle shimmer on the highlights on the American Flags stars, the white lights and sign lettering.
‘Casino’ is signed & numbered by the artist & comes from an edition of 12.