Mono Abstract (Naomi)

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An Original painting by Urban Artist Lhouette using aerosol and acrylic on wooden panel, coated in Kölner varnish.

Price: £3700

The piece is set in a double tier frame; a white matte inner tray and black matte extra deep outer tray.

Lhouette’s trademark fusion of gritty urban street art and Warhol-esque pop culture iconography is a concept the artist describes as “Post Urban Glamour”.

‘My techniques originate from self-taught graphic design & stencil practices. I started with a mixed box of old mechanic aerosol paints and scrap sheets of salvaged wooden board. Along with a moody scanner/printer that I had acquired…the work was beautifully raw! I try to retain that essence as the work continues to develop’. – Lhouette