Maunsell Fort, Shivering Sands

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Maunsell Fort, Shivering Sands is an original oil painting on canvas by landscape artist, Adrian Walker.

Price: £5500


Oil on Canvas

Signed by the artist.

“Maunsell Fort, Shivering Sands” celebrates the continuation of a long held fascination with the sea in all it’s infinite moods, which the artist has enjoyed concurrent to more overtly Norse based themes. This painting examines the fate of the noble structures left to rust away slowly far out at sea, some 14 miles from land. Maunsell forts, of which only a handful now remain, were designed as a first line of defence for the nation during WWII. Their 2-3 year tenure was brief although use was found for some of them as a base during the 60’s heyday of pirate radio. Sadly they have become too unsafe to visit any longer and eventually they will disappear altogether. This theme perfectly suits the strong sense of mystery which characterises many of the artist’s larger canvases.”