Many A True Word

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‘Many A True Word’ is a stunning Limited Edition print from contemporary artist Alexandra Gallagher.

Price: £1500 framed

Print on 310gms 100% cotton rag paper, black frame and black mount.
Signed and numbered by the artist

Limited Edition of 3

Alexandra Gallagher’s surreal and bizarre works tell a story of imagination and thought which happen between the realms of memory as well as finding inspiration from her surrounds; fashion, design, music, culture as well as ‘people watching’.

‘When The Storm Came’ forms part of Gallagher’s ‘Bird with Birds’ Collection.

“I take influence from everything around me – like every artist. Fashion, design, other artists, music, culture, society etc. Everything I see, hear and talk about. It all influences what I do. From a short abstract conversation with a stranger, to memories I have as an individual… we all have a story to tell, something interesting that is unique to all of us. I love people watching; looking at people and seeing how I could translate that into a piece of art – from my own perspective.” -Alexandra Gallagher