Visitor’s Song

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‘Visitor’s Song’ is an enchanting Limited Edition Silkscreen Print by contemporary artist Lucy Farley

Price: £575

Limited edition of 100

This gorgeous piece of art is a screenprint with glazes and is an artists proof which is signed & numbered by the artist.

‘Visitor’s Song’ reflects on the 1927 silent film ‘Sunrise:A Song of Two Humans’ by FW Murnau and the dramatic shifts and jolts in a relationship between two humans and their incapability of fully knowing and predicting the behaviour of the other.

‘Murnau’s film highlights the contrasts in human behaviour that can range from both ends of the spectrum and emphasises the instability of the ‘human condition’ and what we are capable of. The writer Emile Zola, depicted these very circumstances and places in his novels, which brought out ‘the beast in man’ and have also been an inspiration for my new work. This portrait is part of a larger series, based on my preoccupation with the ‘possession of space’, both mentally and physically and the human need to reclaim our territory, whether it be against each other, in nature, or in the virtual world. Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits with hummingbirds are referenced and the symbolism of the Hummgbird in Native American mythology through ‘the visitor’ in my portrait. ‘A Song of Two Humans’ belongs to a lost time, being one of the last in the era of silent film and I wanted to echo this feeling in the work- of a time that has escaped us, never to be regained.’ – Lucy Farley