Stroud Low Moon

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‘Stroud Low Moon’ is a captivating Limited Edition Silkscreen Print by contemporary artist Lucy Farley

Price: £690

Limited edition of 100

This piece of screenprint art is a handfinished with glazes and continues Lucy’s lyrical and atmospheric exploration of the English landscape.

“Stroud Low Moon is part of a series of recent work based on the Gloucestershire landscape and the re-connection of the Cotswold canals in Stroud Valley, the Thames & Severn with the Stroudwater Navigation. My Walks in the valleys are documented in my sketchbooks in a variety of mixed media. The image is built up from many different drawings done on the spot, which contribute to the collected fragments of imagery and atmosphere in the final piece. De Kooning has continued to be an inspiration for these pieces, along with the tradition of the British neo-romantics (Keith Vaughan, Graham Sutherland) and their very individual portrayal of the same landscapes.” – Lucy Farley

‘Stroud Low Moon’ is signed & numbered by the artist and comes from an edition of 100.