Tick Tock

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‘Tick Tock’ is a stunning Fine Art limited Edition Photograph  from contemporary artist Linda Blacker.

Price: £1550 Diasec

An edition of 10 signed & numbered by the Artist

The collection is printed to order – available in various sizes

‘Tick Tock’ is also available as a 36″x36″ Diasec, where the photo is mounted onto an aluminium back with an acrylic face, which when the artwork is hung on the wall, it appears to “float” with no obvious means of support.

‘Oh My Ears And Whiskers, How Late It’s Getting’

“When I was 16 my Grandad passed away. Ever since that day, I became more aware of Time… how we all have a certain amount of Time, as well as those around us. It scared me and it still does. I had just finished my GCSE’s and I felt that horrible pressure of everyone expecting me to know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I needed to decide now, the teachers would say. Because Time is tick tick ticking away!

I think that worry mainly comes from education and society, as my parents were always very supportive and always told me to stop worrying.

When I finally decided that I was going to be a photographer, I wanted to be the best that I could. I put so much pressure on myself to reach certain milestones by a certain age, all because I thought time was slipping away from me. I told myself that I needed to work quickly, to work hard, so I could move out whilst I was still young enough to experience life, to meet someone and settle down.. all the while finding the time to fit in babies before I got too old, but just at the right time so I could still have a successful career, yet *STILL* early enough so my parents could one day be great grandparents.

I turned 25 three weeks ago.

Now I feel old! I feel the pressure to do incredible things with my career before I am 30. Time is slipping away.

I often think about my own mortality and that of my family, especially my parents. Am I the only one? I don’t know why I think about it so much. Time is an enemy I can not defeat and can not deter. I just feel like we are in a battle every day.

But sometimes, I sit and I think… time is not our enemy. Time is a gift. The more we worry about how we use it, the more Time we waste. So although Time seems to take a lot from us, I think sometimes we need to think what Time has given us instead.” – Linda Blacker