Icon I – Coco Chanel

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‘Icon I – Coco Chanel’ is a glorious original sculpture by contemporary artist Laura Keeble.



This amazing piece of 3D art has been hand crafted using antique reclaimed stained glass from church windows & lead.

“I’ve created new glass work using antique stained glass that was reclaimed from religious imagery used in church Windows. I like how this glass is viewed as somehow possessing sacred properties.” – Laura Keeble

Laura Keeble creates art works that explore the ideas of social norms & role of iconic brands and famous logos & symbols within our culture.

In this piece Laura Keeble tackles the instantly recognizable Chanel logo. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel designed the now-infamous logo for the house of fashion in 1925.

Coco Chanel is widely regarded as the greatest fashion designer who ever lived, thus making the name of Chanel iconic.