The Glass Slippers

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‘The Glass Slippers’ are a wonderful original sculpture by contemporary artist Laura Keeble.

Price: £1250


This impressive piece of 3D art has been hand crafted using antique reclaimed stained glass from church windows & lead.

“I’ve created new glass work using antique stained glass that was reclaimed from religious imagery used in church Windows. I like how this glass is viewed as somehow possessing sacred properties.” – Laura Keeble

Laura Keeble creates art works that explore the ideas of social norms & role of iconic brands and famous logos & symbols within our culture.

In this piece Laura Keeble looks at modern footwear, the trainer, or sneaker as it’s known in the States. Have you ever given any thought to the ever present footwear, trainers, and their evolution? Whether you call them sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes or basketball shoes they are a global obsession worn by billions and found in every corner of the Earth. Today, sneakers are a hugely lucrative juggernaut. In 2012, for instance, Nike’s line of LeBron James sneakers generated $300 million—in the U.S alone. Apparently everybody still wants to be like Mike—so much so that kids get shot over pairs of his namesake sneakers. And the footwear’s infiltration of the fashion world is pretty much complete.