Back To Black – Gloss

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‘Back To Black – Gloss’ is a gorgeous Limited Edition hand pulled Screen print with diamond dust and gloss glazes by contemporary artist Joe Webb.

Price: £795

Limited edition of 75

Hand pulled screenprint with diamond dust and gloss glazes

‘Back To Black – Gloss’ is about the beauty of the female form with nothing to distract from it. Joe Webb’s image is the epitome of understated elegance and glamour. The simplicity of a female figure highlighted against a black background is enhanced by the delicate sparkle of diamond dust on her jewels. By excluding most of the face from the picture frame, the figure becomes anonymous; Joe Webb puts the emphasis on the shape and form of the body. Examined objectively, the body parts appear to float out of space, an almost abstract shape.

Back To Black is taken from a series of new collages I’ve recently made. There’s a continuous unbroken line throughout the body parts…it’s my most minimal work yet, only the flesh of the subject is left which produces an almost abstract shape. These were in part inspired by Henri Matisse’s ‘Blue Nude’ cutouts. I like Matisse’s idea of ‘painting with scissors’ and the way his work became so minimal and concise in his later years. I enjoy referencing other artists work then taking it somewhere else.” – Joe Webb



Signed & numbered by the artist

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