Manga I

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‘Manga I’ is a limited edition mixed media piece of art by contemporary artist, Gavin Mitchell.

Collage Printed onto Birchwood Ply with Photograph Printed onto Acrylic.

Available in three edition sizes.

Size 47x47cm is an edition of 10 – Price: £1050 framed

Size 60x60cm is an edition of 10 – Price: £2200 framed

Size 94x94cm is an edition of 10 – Price: £4200 framed


‘Manga I’ is from the Pictures of the Floating World Collection and comes in a hand finished black frame.

‘Pictures of the Floating World’ (Ukiyo-e) is a body of work which exposes the dualism of Japanese culture both within its own society and in its inexorable links with Western culture. Internal and external relationships are challenged using philosophical and material references from both East and West. The foundations of the imagery are inspired by traditional and contemporary Japanese art forms which capture the spirit of their time using exaggeration, fantasy, parody and satire.