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‘Impermanence’ is an original mixed media piece of art by contemporary artist, Gavin Mitchell.

This beautiful Sculpture is made using reclaimed air dried Oak with hand carved characters and photography onto 10mm bevelled glass with sandblasted and acid etched elements.

This Mixed Media sculpture  is the first in the Impermanence series.

The work has been inspired by ‘Wabi Sabi’, the Japanese art of Impermenance. The essence of this philosophy aims to ‘unearth and frame beauty left by the flows of nature’. Nothing is absolute and the asymmetry & imperfection of natural and human form creates an arbitrary and unique aesthetic with each sculpture.

The satisfaction in creating each piece comes from the diverse but complementary artistic skills; photography, hand-carving, sandblasting and acid polishing as well as seeking out sections of old salvaged oak before they get turned into floorboards!