Fortune Cookie Fiction Factory

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An Original Collage Painting by David Shillinglaw

“Fortune Cookie Fiction Factory” is a collage painting by David Shillinglaw which follows David Shillinglaw’s characteristic method of combining words and images to tell a story.

“The first artists were storytellers. They would sit around the fire and they would tell stories to people. And when you tell a story to people you change their consciousness. That’s magic. Because the first successful storytellers were also able to record those stories, write them down and recount them sitting around a fire. Everyone is storytelling all the time. We tell stories to ourselves and other people. It’s that power of storytelling and the magic of changing people’s consciousness that got passed on to artists, musicians, poets, comedians, and that power keeps getting passed on through time and now the people who have that power are corporations and advertisers. Everyone is putting their Instagram story, their Facebook story, we’re all storytellers. That’s the future. We are all artists expressing ourselves. We have this need to express ourselves.”