Eiffel Tower (Lenticular)

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‘Eiffel Tower (Lenticular)’ is a colourful Limited Edition 3D Lenticular print by Sir Peter Blake.

Once again proving his interest in the latest techniques and advances in printing technology, Peter Blake has worked with Martin Richardson (artist, imaging pioneer and Professor of Modern Holography) to create a moving 3D image of one his most loved creations Eiffel Tower. The larger scale of the piece allows the butterflies to be seen in greater detail and depth; their jewel-like colours and range of motion giving one the sense of being immersed in the scene.

Richardson lenticulars are made using proprietary print software and a special lens material, otherwise known as a micro-lens. This combined with other optical components create a 3-D moving image called a lenticular. As we move into the digital epoch, lenticular technology offers artists the opportunity of constructing mini three-dimensional representations of our physical world, allbeit an illusion.

Richardson’s work is a marriage of technology and art,

‘I am able to create ever more realistic images- greater resolutions, greater animations using a much more fine art development approach. I can now capture five seconds of time into one feature- there is a real potential to tell a narrative. The technology in itself is an art

Edition Size: 75